Groupe Harmonie

Services de soutien destinés aux personnes de 55 ans et plus aux prises avec des problèmes de dépendance

Training program


Groupe Harmonie is working to inform the public, health professionals, and social services on the problem of addiction among seniors. Because of this, we have been invited to participate in various working committees (Clinical Project: Mental Health and Addictions at the CSSS de la Montagne (2008), RondPoint 2010: Congress on Addiction, etc..) and in the development of a document about addiction and the elderly, the Cadre de référencce: L’Abus et la dépendance d’alcool et d’autres substances psychotropes chez les aînés, 1999.

We have also developed training which we are proud to provide to seniors, caregivers, volunteers, students and interventionists in the health and social services.

These training classes are approved by the Government of Quebec.

Overview of topics covered in the Groupe Harmonie training program


    • Situation i.e. statistics on geriatric substance abuse
    • Substances abused
    • Tolerance, physical dependence, psychological dependence
    • Risk factors associated  with alcohol abuse among the elderly
    • Characteristics of addiction, the cycle of addiction
    • Groupe Harmonie’s approach to reducing or stopping intake of the drug
    • Withdrawal symptoms
    • Effects of alcohol on the body
    • Two types of user profiles: chronic and late onset
    • Causes of and motivations for drug use
    • Negative consequences of alcohol abuse: physical, psychological, behavioural, and socio-economic
    • Groupe Harmonie’s clientele profile


    • An overview of the process: problem identification, reference, evaluation, and intervention
    • Goals of our interventions
    • Characteristics of Groupe Harmonie’s approach
    • Denial as a common client defence mechanism
    • Three main steps of intervention
    • Summary of key points

For more information on fares and schedules, please contact us:
By phone: (514) 939-2640
* Special rates are offered to groups and members of community organizations.
Internships / stages
Since 1985, Groupe Harmonie has been accredited as an organization with work placement (stage) by the director of the certificate in Addiction and Gerontology at University of Montreal. In 1994, we began receiving students in Social Work from the University of Montreal. We also receive interns from training colleges of Techniques in Social Work and Gerontology.

We offer an exciting internship and provide the students support and supervision combined with hands-on experience with clients.

The interns have the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team, to do community work and to collaborate with other resources. In addition, we ensure that our interns receive the necessary training, which includes useful skills to have in the professional field. If interested, our interns can also participate in case conferences, working groups, etc..

In summary, we offer an experience that combines the diversity of community work with that of a clinical practice.

If our approach interests you, check to ensure that an internship/stage would be supported by
your educational institution and contact us for more information at 
(514) 939-2640 or by email to:


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